LED Landscape Lighting Technology

Led landscape lighting & outdoor lighting options have been around for years and are continuously evolving.  A great benefit of LED lighting products is that LED bulbs last longer than other lighting options. Another benefit of Led landscape lighting is the ability to change colors without having to change bulbs of add color filters.

Coastal Outdoor Lighting and our parent company, Coastal Irrigation & Plumbing, have been a preferred vendor of FX Luminaire since 2001. FX Luminaire is one of the top-rated manufacturers of LED landscape lighting & outdoor lighting

Imagine your lighting features having the ability to offer 30,000 different color choices for unmatched ability to customize landscape lighting for any, mood, occasion or season. Easily create a personalized color palette of 250 user-saved options with easy control access right on your smartphone.

Add a spectrum of color possibilities for holidays, game day, or any day.

Create custom colors for any occasion and store them as themes.

Set up, change, and control colors from your smartphone*

Easy to access, use & change colors, brightness, & zones in the palm of your hand.

Coastal Outdoor Lighting is excited to offer Color Changing Led Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Lighting technology from FX Luminaire. For more about color changing lighting including an online demo visit www.fxluminaire.com. To contact one of our LED Landscape Lighting designers please complete our online request form or for the fastest response call (239) 491-6759 today.